Saturday, July 12, 2014

By Necessity, the Introduction

After some prolonged and unsuccessful attempts, I am finally happy to introduce and reveal to you all, the Writers' Collaborative blog. The premise in itself is simple, and one that I am very, very excited about: Every week (a theoretical temporal limit) we are going to post a new Writing Prompt, in one form or another, and the three of us will all write, edit and post our own rendition of our various story ideas, from it. 

It has been an idea long in the making, and finally coming to full existence this glorious summer, in which we shall begin our creative endeavors. The three of us, all old friends, have been attempting to manage something of this variety for a while.

But I like to think that this is not simply going to be another writer's blog; the thing that I think will make this idea stand out and be more exciting is that I want YOU (the readers) to SUBMIT YOUR OWN VERSIONS OF OUR WRITING PROMPT CHALLENGES!! 

Yes, that's what I said. I want people to send us stories. Our only limitations are...

 a constant 2000 word limit, all stories (unless stated otherwise)

Clean content (this is a no-brainer, but I said it anyway)

It needs to be obvious that it is from the same prompt. (Not to crush creative juices, only because if it doesn't tie back in somehow, then everyone will just go crazy and lose their minds. Accurate prediction.)

So please, submit your stories to

To see them published here. 

Remember, none of us are pros. And we are meant to have fun with this. I hope that you enjoy reading and participating with this old idea of ours, and humoring our fanciful fancies by subscribing and coming back to read again. If you do wish to submit stories to us, to have them posted regularly and become part of out Authorial Team (it could happen!) send me an email at the address above! 

Until then, Meet your Authors!


My name is Aaron, and I am a dust collector. This does not mean that I am an idle sloth of a person, it merely means that I have an affinity for old things: sepia photographs, steam engines, gears, waistcoats, top hats etc. Although I greatly enjoy reading or writing a good sci-fi story, the past is my primary inspiration. Being an artist as well, I love drawing anything in a tweed coat, waistcoat, riding boots, ascot and bowler hat, whether that be a monster, a mummy, or an old gentleman with exaggerated side burns. I can have bouts of melancholy, but am usually in good spirits, and there are few things more enjoyable than a skillfully told story filled with characters who are so real they become your friends (speaking of which, I should really read David Copperfield again).

                           I like: a good bike ride (where does this street go?), playing guitar and violin, 20's era big band (I said I like old things), cloudy Autumn days and skeletal leafless trees (I find seeing the world as a black and white photograph inspiring). On the other hand, I love the new life of spring, the exertion and joy of summer and the company of good friends.

I dislike: Clich├ęs, spiders ("Someone help it's crawling right at me!"), myself (at times ;), high school graduations (sooooooo looooooong), small dogs (bug the living daylights out of me), and flan ("how about some nice flab pie!").

I look forward to sharing my world through words...

My name is Elisha. I’m a girl with my feet roaming in the woods and my head soaring on dragon wings above the clouds. My life belongs to the One True King, my lord and savior who created me. I love to laugh, and devour good literature with a ferocious appetite, which then inspires me in the creating and dreaming of my own worlds. I am frequently caught with a glazed look in my eyes, oblivious to the world and staring into the realms of imagination. I feel most at home among (or better yet, IN) tall trees, but a portion of my Montanan heart will always long deeply for the ocean and its crashing waves.

I like: Dragons! (I’m a little obsessed with them… ok, a lot obsessed with them; How to Train Your Dragon is my all-time favorite movie.) I also like: Steampunk, ruffles, and leather lacing (can’t we all just dress as if we’re from the 1800’s or medieval times? Please?); creating (whether drawing or painting, writing stories, or designing costumes); assuming someone else’s personality and singing my heart out beneath the spotlights of the stage (THEATRE!!!); music and the way it stirs the soul; hiking peaks and climbing the tallest trees in an attempt to dwell in the sky; the power and excitement of a thunderstorm; bare feet; and the joy of close friendship.

I really don’t like: deep water overgrown with seaweed (who knows what could be down there!?!?!?), calamari (it’s squid tentacles. I don’t care how good it tastes, I won’t eat it), large hairy spiders (“Why don’t YOU squish it?!”), humidity, and love triangles (unless it’s The Phantom of the Opera.)

My mind creates stories, and I write them down.

My name is Jeff (Current Curator and Compiler of the creative attempts on this blog). I am a writer of words and occasional thinker of thinks, who gravitates regularly towards oversized works of fiction or fantasy, in reading and writing. I am a servant of King Jesus, a lover of good friends and great literature (of all eras). My soul is seized by strange things, like water on rocks and wind in tree branches and the way sunsets turn raven's eyes gold. 

I am overly fond of: (perpetually) Bare feet, coffee (hot or iced), summer evenings, autumnal avenues, bonfires, giggling water, tree-breezes, T-shirts, music (I listen to it, I do not attempt to make it) cooking, fresh sharpies, hammocks, and on rare occasions I twiddle my Montanan toes in photography and attempts at the artistic. 

I do not like: poor literature, fire ants, pine trees (I know, I know), the month of February, lack of coffee, thistles (refer to bare feet), insects (except bumblebees), "sweet tea" that tastes like water. 

I am prone to the metaphorical, and always attracted to the fantastical. More importantly, I see things differently, and I write what I see. 
(Follow me at or on Twitter @jeffzanmiller)

I hope that you all return and continue to read, subscribe, submit, and enjoy this collaboration of writers! 

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